Hi, I’m Max.

I’m a designer, strategist, and generally curious about the human condition.

I believe in building cross-disciplinary teams and making things that provide real value to real people.


The real magic happens when the two come together.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend almost 20 years working with, and at some of the top brands to create products and experiences that touch people’s hearts. During that time I’ve come to realize that the same philosophy applies to people as to brands: that in order to know what you want to do, you first need to know your values.

User Experience

I’s believe in UX that’s rooted in a brand’s values and backed by user research.

Product Design

I believe in the real definition of MVP and creating products that are meant to be used rather than just win awards.


I believe that real strategy must be driven by a measurable business case and clear sense of purpose.

Past Clients

American Express