• I’m a designer, developer, thinker, and strategist. I’m fascinated by how people use things, whether its physical objects we interact with or digital; and so interaction design has become a huge part of my life. I’ve spent a good deal of my career writing code and have realized that very often, developers tend to get lost in their world of logic, comma’s, and curly braces. So I spend a lot of time thinking about the human element of interfaces, the one that exists above the world of software and code.

    I come from two very different worlds, I went to school for design and media, but grew up in a family that was full of programmers. Remnants of a dysfunctional youth are littered with hacking code on a black and white screen and one day discovering color.

    In the end, what I’m truly passionate about is innovation, where it happens is really irrelevant because our job as digital craftsmen is to create experiences that surpass mediums and disciplines, and simply allow people to communicate freely.

    These days, I’m a User Experience Design Director at AKQA, a global digital design consultancy in NY, where I focus on leading teams of talented people to create the most useful and innovative products and experiences.

    Areas of Expertise
    User Experience, Product Design, Interaction Design, Strategy, Branding, Business Development

    2011 User Experience Awards – Honorable Mention
    BroadFeed iPad App

    2008 Web Marketing Association Award for Leisure Standard of Excellence
    Client: Equinox Fitness

    2007 Web Marketing Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in Website Development
    Client: Bank of America

    Speaking Engagements
    2010 Speaker at Create 10 Conference in Edinburgh, UK
    Designing Digital Interfaces in an Analog World

    2008 Speaker at Ajaxian Conference in Boston, MA
    Experience Design & Rapid Prototyping

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