Centurion cardmembers are American Express’s most prized clients.

Encapsulating the “ultra-high net worth” designation, one must be invited just to sign up for the card and maintain an average $250,000 annual spend.

With all of those qualifications, Centurion members don’t actually have anything resembling a digital platform connecting them to the brand and all of its services. As competing card products begin to enter the market and the on-demand economy continues to flourish, its become clear that American Express needs to differentiate its offerings for these very special customers.

American Express came to us with the ask of creating a digital ecosystem of products and services that provide an elevated level of access to all of the things that make American Express unique. All while crafting an experience that feels in in line with comparative products and services that this audience is accustomed to.

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We spent weeks interviewing over 40 stakeholders and in the field with existing cardmembers across the country to understand both the business goals and real customer needs and wants.

My role was to lead the research synthesis with the UX and Strategy teams once they had returned from the field to drive us towards insights that would lead to an overarching concept. Along the way we developed a product roadmap that included three new products and services, as well as a plan for integrating existing American Express channels like the website and phone.