How do you integrate short video content with a dedicated social network?

It goes without saying that millennial content consumption is incredibly different than almost every other generation that has come before it. Their social behavior around content has forever changed the entertainment industry, and Verizon wanted to capitalize on the fact by launching a new brand and product that would bring video content and social conversations together.

The product’s unique proposition was to provide small, snackable pieces of content with the ability for users to post comments, tag friends, and even cut the video’s themselves into original content “cuts.”

Jokingly named “go90” to reflect the action of turning one’s phone ninety degrees, Verizon released version 1.0 in partnership with AKQA in the summer of 2015. I was brought in to build a product team that would interrogate the first release of the app, establish a vision for its future, and lead the team to bring the vision to life.



Our team worked in 2 week design sprints in partnership with our client’s developers over the course of nine months to bring to life iterative prototypes that communicated the full breadth of what the product could become.

With a multi-disciplinary team comprised of user experience designers, graphic designers, writers and content strategists, we kept a high-level of energy and creativity in our thinking by being nimble in our work and rooted deep in empathy of our users.