A connected car experience that focuses more on luxury, simplicity and convenience than on your last oil change.

As Lincoln Motor Car began to pivot their brand, they found themselves competing with a new set of manufacturers and attempting to attract a very different type of consumer. In parallel, the technology in their cars had finally arrived to match, and in some cases outmatch their competitors. To unify these two fronts, they asked my team to create a new type of connected car app. One that would take into account the voice of their new customer and personalize it to fit their taste and day-to-day lives.



We spent two weeks on the road between NY, Texas, and California to meet with existing luxury owners and understand their relationships between their cars and their technology. These deep, one-on-one interviews allowed us to go into their homes, in their cars and off for a drive to understand their behaviors as it relates to the changing landscape of car ownership.

The final step was to hold card-sorting exercises and present them with an early prototype of our concept to understand where we were right and where we were wrong. Back at the office, these findings allowed us to iterate on our concept and design, and move forward with more confidence that the experience we were creating would compliment the world of our customers.