Brookfield Properties

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We started our engagement by spending weeks engrained in the legacy Brookfield space and work process. We observed how teams interacted, sat in on meetings and interviewed over twenty employees and stakeholders.

I lead the research and design phases and partnered with our Product Manager to build a relationship with our Brookfield clients, ultimately getting them involved in our team’s brainstorming and design sprints.

Working side-by-side with the architects, construction company, and our developers, we created a vision that introduced an easier, faster way to book meetings, breakout spaces that allowed small teams to work more productively, and an entryway that told the Brookfield story in an innovative way. All brought to life through the use of technology, we remained during the installation and testing phases and were privileged enough to witness the staff experience the space for the first time and helped train and troubleshoot as issues came up.

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