Equinox Equinox Equinox Equinox

For Equinox Fitness I was part of a large team that was responsible for not only rebranding the club’s image, but also for completely re-imagining the brand of Equinox.

As a premium work out facility, Equinox spares no expense at providing its members with a world-class athletic environment. Our goal was bring this attitude and commitment to excellence to the fore of the site. Furthermore, we crafted an experience that provided the members with the ability to fully customize their workouts, including functionality such as the airline-like “book-a-bike” option, a personal workout schedule with online class registration, and even the ability to buy an instructor’s workout mix with integration to iTunes.

As manager of the interface engineering group, I oversaw the front-end development as well providing technical direction and guidance to the team. I continuously shifted from creative to technology, and back again, to shepherd along the delicate balance of development and design.

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