Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart Martha Stewart Martha Stewart Martha Stewart

To pitch the introduction of Martha Stewart’s new Homekeeping Handbook, I worked with a talented team to re-invision how a book’s static content can be brought to life on the digital page.

With only two weeks to complete the pitch, I was part of the conceptual process and came up with the notion of “clipping” content throughout the site in a contextual manner that simulated highlighting important information in a real book. Heavy emphasis was also placed on the aspect of community and the promotion of user-generated content to marry with Martha Stewart’s own curated content. Over the course of the two weeks I sketched out and iterated the interface idea into a high-functioning, fully usable prototype that was a large part of the ultimate win of the work.

Other deliverables included a full technical outline of how the proof-of-work would be converted to real functional code including team size projections and timeline predictions.

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