The undertaking to redesign the site of one’s own agency is the lust and horror of every digital practitioner. For the redesign we brought together a team of three different offices to collaborate on what would become quite simply, a labor of love that spanned more than a year.

The goal of the project was not only to give the old site a facelift, but instead to provide a peak inside the many facets of the agency, while giving each employee the ability to have a unique voice. The execution included the ability for employees to post images of what inspires them as well as the integration of over 500 profiles, all powered by the current internal legacy social network.

My responsibilities included prototyping the novel Inspirations interface, both from a technical, as well as an interaction standpoint. I worked with the creative director and designers to sketch out early mockups of site behavior, and developed the front end development strategy for many of the site’s complex content intersections. Finally, I oversaw the technical team’s interface development and managed the entire final stage of the site’s visual and technical assembly.

The final product is a complete digital brand re-establishment; where complex flash components communicate smartly with subtle javascript interactive elements, surrounded by completely re-written and re-imagined static content.

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