Taking delivery of a new car should be the most exciting moment of any new car purchase.

However for most customers, its a moment that’s overwhelming and exhausting due to time constraints and lack of attention. Volvo asked us to create a tool that would help alleviate this issue for both retailers and customers.

In response, we created a tool that allows each delivery to feel personalized by allowing customers to fill the common gaps and lags in time with learning about the exact car that they’re about to take home. We rethought the way that content is normally organized and came up with a concept that is as unique and useful to retailers as it is to customers.


We started by spending time with retailers to observe and interrogate the current experience. We interviewed sales associates, floor managers and general managers. At the same time, we spoke to customers that had recently purchased a new Volvo to understand their frustrations and needs.

My responsibility was to lead the team in the overall product vision and define the user experience for both retailers and customers.

In the end, we created an experience that was iterated upon and tested repeatedly with customers and retailers – putting them in the center of the process and letting them define what’s important to them.